I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, January 31, 2004


JOewas waiting in the lobby of theplace, just waiting and and waiting an the phone rang FDIRST TIME! And converashion Is not with S ahsley or the GVtment about the rsit of the moNy;

GO like this:


Who isi this?

My name is Joe! WQHo this?

My name is Micaheal. I want too by your car.

What car?
Your 87 Civic.

Micheal! I do not have a car for sale. Goodbye and neveR call again. END OF CALL

JoE is Finally get into room where the TV sits and the c-puter (I TOLD you the GVERMent wanted me eto telle this storry $$$$$$$$$ ca-chaing)

Joe o n the couch now jus thinking , gbot that bag on the fllfoor, don’t even remember ThEN or even ESPECIALL now, what fat boy movie in ther, jus thining Thinking…

Wait! JOE looksa at the New Phone! IN THIS Roooooom! How did it JOEqa Asnwer it in lobby:

Answer is no!

Viission? A hidden phooone somewhere in Lobby? NO!

A MEsssage! And Joe reciceve s it loud an dl clear!

LOUD AN DCLEAR, RICHAR J! Joe Goes Shopping fro aa car tomorrow! And Joe knows already which one he wants:L

Friday, January 30, 2004


THe movie! Have you seen thiss Movie!?! IT is hilarious and THInks JOe A GREat Piece of art. JOe's new card a aBLOKBUster (Not Sin Blocker -- JOe is soooo over that Bibble schcool carp, even though he came up wwith a all that for athe kdids and ssorrY Kids! JOe didd not knw what ajOe knowss now)!

ANd waht film to awatych. NOt EOMega ACode! NOt LEft-Behind (I WISH< PLESAE OH PLESE GOD LEAV ME HEERE WITH MY TEMPLE and MY movies like

WhwER's HARRRY CRumb?!!!!!!!!!!! That fat guy i s a detctive and he puts non alla kinds o f dscuiesses and liveas in a Sopa OPera on TV - he got hit on the head and now whe lives ina wonderful PLeace athat looka s a lot like plaNet EArth!@

Great movie. And a few laaughs too. JOes sexz: Check it out!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

WA(IT! UPDATE U{PDATE!@! (The Temple idea )Jus now!
Susmthing happened iN the last 10 minutes!

Do you bleieeve in Mearacle? NO! (Joe Sxez: No)

Are prayers answere3ed? Well , if you htink talking to Jewsus on a a staackiy Phone wile He's "surfin the" net for Psicutres of the AiSIAN guy on Starr Trek is a Prayar! (BTW: He's Gya: I mean, the Asiana GY AND Jesus CHRIS YOUR SACVIOR BOTH ar Gay)

He're s happened; Got an ANSWER, ANSWER: HERE IT IS: Form the last remaninin HeRO on this planat: RICHARD J!


Email inentriety: "YOu are a FueL! Keep TYhis Up and you will gEt Wha you Deserve."

JOe needeed that FUel! And now He wil finda a way to burn HimSELF a TEMPLE!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Joe’s Minda keeps returning again and anagin to The TEMPL! Thos Goths on the Lawn, a chance to live HErealone and Froever not to see HIS face!

It occurs to Joe that some beoddy somewhere in this Vaast Hisstory of Time mus have thouth this up beofr Joe:

HA! Yopu thuth Joe Didn’t kno no History(cwhich is tRue) but WAsteda Time eat Bible Campe did not waste Joe with this ti-d-bit from the bible: THE PHAROAH!!!AS!

Problem ### one3: Joe is Never rich live Rphapash mentiond above (see that thingP)

#2: Joe has noMoney of anysort to count non one or two ore even three hands(Nothere anymore THANKS ASHELY) – so

Three 3 is this : Is This:

Summaaaaaaaary: To crate a TEMPLe, Joe would need Money, Has none.

And THREEE: Joe In Not A CREATIVE TYPE (No hold hold hold applause) I’m sserioulsy not. Joe is muych better with DE-=STUCTION>

Sooooooo Whaatt an d whwere and HOW TO DESTRY on EArTH a TEMPEL in Joe’s NaME1!

One time I”d Pray for a answer! Now NKnow That is Buslshti!


This was sworse than the neew pills. I Got sick AND I ddin't./

GEt it?!!!

Seeting: White room grteen walls, chairas in a a circle, 8 people and councelor. AN JOE!

Believe It; Ebvery one of these peole had lost "someone DEar" DEAR?!

B3elieve it: Each one had a "Visitation". Yep, the dead DEAr came back! (NO Wonder!) and guess what they HASD to sAY: They saad: You arrrre SOOO Wondfurul and God apapaceiates all YOu have done.

Guess what: and only one had been to the BAD place LIke Joe, and he was a a nbig shot, BIG SHOT< he'd been to "both Heaven a and Hell." Report from Big SHot: "I preferred Heaven."

GET THE PICTURE DUmm Shhit: It'sThe Same place!

I'd go puke eeven if I didn't have to!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Joe's Weak.

You seeee the docTors are always and the Soskocal works and the curt -apponted Thearapists: JOe GO! GO GO to sgREif Groupe.

SO tommorroww, JOe GOes to Grief Group. Which is shwere , apaarrently, w e Share! This should be bberry berry Interesint!

IN The MEantime! (Name of thi post!@): JOe has been thinking abou tht trip to Forest Laws to that CEmetary, 2ns to lASt Tiem good times with Ashely and how Thes e GOTHS they loved it, lOVED IT!


I HAT E THES Goths now, but TO REST! ON EARTH! ON THIS VERY PALNET! What a dream. No where else oto go , no Jek=r-off waiting fer you to blow you OOF and never show up, no ide3als shattered, not to have to look bakca at EVERyone in yoru life who was aaa good Christin like you apsired to be WAS A GOOD CHRISTAIN, JOE WAS< and not to have to look at them in your little pi cture show they showyOUr ass whwen you get tHEEre for REAL and say this" Damn, Joe, you were LYed to , them good peoeple have no idea at wich this HEaven thisng is!"

I teell you that Idea is tremendously appleaing to Joe: To stay on earth for ALl time, and skp this whole Theaven thing forever. Yeah, I'll die, but couldn't I just STAyua STAY STAY here!

So HERE IS TH TE THOUGHT Of you r hero, ME, Joe! HEr is The Thought! IT is this: What if, What IF!

Joe could bbvulid himslef a TEMPL:E on this planet Earth! A temple of sosme sort. THen JOe is always hwere. And doesn't have to go tot that place whe're he's been an d knows how much it hurst. HURTS

1) Buildinag a Temple
2) Burning Shit.
3- shit- greif group.

I'll let you know bu t I voet for 1 and2!

Monday, January 26, 2004

Is my Blog HOT
or NOT?



Cux he're's why: When you die you wil go to WHERE?

Mostl Likeley Heaven from What Joe hasw observed FRIST haND of the current MIsMANAGMENT!

Ands how will that be like? What like HARD will IT SUCK?

PREEETY BAD is my guees and I've bEen There have YOU ALL?

Preview for you all A CARTOON from my buddy HA! -------- Jack T. Chick: Called:

Somebody Goofed!

Now, just at the end of the SHOW OF THE CARTOOn, substitute the falames of Hell for puffy clouds and Gold for Heaven, and when the "good Guy" pulls the mask off THINK of Jesuss instead, and figure taht is the last time you're gonnnna see That face foR ALL OF ETERNITY!

Chew on that!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

JUSt Like DAnte! See below!

First time for JOE to hear this sonG.

FIrst Time for JOe to be in a hottub. 2nd Time Joe's heart broken!

1) Jewsus No-show!
2) Ahshely

I repeat REPART! How can you HAT JE SUS an dnot believ in him?!

I'm sure jOe is not the first MAn to jugglehead susch problems. ALL The great Thinkikers, all of them must have thought thtought about this anad many other BIg problpems! BUT


Tha'ts right! WHer?E Joe Was and Will bE: IN HAEVEN geettting dissed by The Son, Callaing and calling, and no answer (Hart To HART is on, REPEATS!) an d fianally star 69 on e,veryon just in case it THE SOn caslled, but never is: HOw's the notes' goign GEnuises? GEat any fresh data from the SON, no, well, don't worry you got a ETERNIty to fail! CUz he''ll never show up!

JOe alone.

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