I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, March 06, 2004


No mores distractions sfor JOE! No More go to 3 shows of P"asssion of the Christ" a day: yes , a hoot and whackfest but Joe rrunning out of spunk anyway and tierd of huyrting homleess people in the AAFTERGLOW

no more Asheley! She is Goth (as said manay many times before and then there is her wholwe Frorest Lwan obssesion

I owe it to the peoeple of this Earth who have not bbeen as LUCKY!>?!!! as Joe to know the truth , who have not yett died like WE ALL W#ILL and find themsleves where JOE WAS:

Standing att the altar: A bride of Chris t( Not gtay -JOe usses Christiain imaaagery he knowws from all his years in Church of LIEs!) and DEAD (dead for 2 minutes aske the doctor s or Jeremy who was there in rroom ) and saw heaven and heard the angeels sing and WAS IN HEAVEN:

But wwhere the Groom?! Where the Guy Jo waiting his whole life of 20 years waiting for!?! Wher e the Son O f God who JOE whorship an d bow to, and pray to and 2work his whole lifr in churches with children with hi s wonderufl puppet storys?!

Where? HIgh!

High on Life? No HIGH
on his ffavorite sTar Wars bong and getting a buzz on

WHERE? back on his HEAVENLY THRONE? No His HEAVENLY COUCH! Where he spsace out and watch some fucking rreruns and surf the net for picturs of that Assian guy on Sstar TREk!

That's where he was and Joe is now back on earth - never met the loser!

ReCOMMITEMENT TO YOU: "People eof EArth, Joe is conccentrating, usin gthe money wisley, he will tell you the truth and and and and


I will build the tmeple. Gimme just a little time. JEssus is coming DOWN to earh if it k


Friday, March 05, 2004


JOee is funny. Yes ss hee is seerious about Hatting Jesus Christ and tellint the world hwha t a loser they have eleceted as thir SAvior!@

But whene joje LEt's his hair dnow as they say, well Joe is goddamn (And I Do me GOD DAMN!) funny!

EXAMPLE: In GRoup today: Some nut whow allways sits nex tot Joe, no maatter wher e Joe sists, this nut is going on ana d on about htis current obsssion, someething about some over nut named Greenspaan and some plot and some let down and some shit about some shit and blah an d on and blah an d on!

Finally, he finissh an d there is silence. Befroae and yone can speak:

Joe say: "I'm gladd we cleared that up!"

Se, SEee?! God DAMN Joe funny!

Still hat the lord, thoughh!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


A Cal this morning on the new hpone. "We need you to hllep us ttell the world that Chris t sucks th bong long and hard an nd has call-0screening incase Peter paul Luke or JOhn wanna call up and esee abou ta hang, cuz they keeptry8ing to relive the gooddd times an this gts in the way of the Dr Who Maratahon of rhte slsacker King, the Son of man!"

ITe was A DRAEM!
Ha aha. Don'r forget abnout that famous JOe Mccpuppet sense of hUMOR~!

Get ya aevery time!

Bsiseds the govnernement is payimg me to DO JUS T THAT!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Joe MCpuppet is sseaking work poppurtinities.

1: Very qaualified.

2: Working knowldge of lying bible.

3: Works wiwell with Chidlredn : 12 yeasa of expericne as Sunday School hlper/teacher.

4: Good dpepople skills.

Types fastt.

Seekin employement; m,uust have reawsonable hours (The Temple!), and a short drive from THe Place (own own '87 Civ ic in woirking condidiont), and invlove hatred of CHrist and idaally reevealin g of Chris't's lame ass act tow orld. (if enough of that last the part about reveallling Crhist as a lam ass hole who eats Microwave burreiotos cold weven when't's he's gotta a working michrocwave machine -- wy wouldn't he, he lkive in a CAST:LE in HEAVCEN no money problems to speak of!) Well, if sooo, the Joe works for free.

Not free. Joe gootta paly rent.

ALl others must pay in cash for sure. E-mail at joempuppet@yahoo.com. No fattieS!

Monday, March 01, 2004


Joe ahas so much to cactch up on. I watch TVAnsd see a commrecial for something I am LIKE what is that thing? Joe eawatc h Reality TV: Average Joe 2: And at the girl is pickining some bluond dude or some sksiinny fuck who ssesms like he's a baseball player, but he's sttoo sikingy, anway, fuck him, she pickes the blond guy sand they go to anfawful place in Mexico and throw weach other in pools. IN LOVE!

\THEN THER IS A BIG SECRTET: She hass to telll him something inportant from her pasT -- it is so awful that thte blodnde guy is on a beach kicikking things and tryes to drown himsel fin the water, IN THE OCEAN, nand she cries and he Packs his shit and LEACVES her.

THe secrit is that she used to date FAbio? Who is FAbio? Joe e-mail" joemcpuppet@yahoo.com. I neeed help twith this one.

Favio must be like a bigger ddick than JEsus. FROM JOE DATING EXPERIENCE> He mus t be a GOTH and like to dress UP Like a KING (like JEsus) and like thsose asshols at WREN FAIRe with Me LORD" and "Turrrly ye art a mana of crreason " and REALLY be some fuck frmo nowwwher, the guy you hate who tells syou you don't know who JOnn Candy is at Block buster or a fuck who tells you thaaat comaputer is sno good you can't abfford it at Circiut City.

Butr Joe thinks hee must be a loot like a laooser like Jesus to be succha adeal breaker.!

I want tos s ee FAbio Whipped too, then!

Sunday, February 29, 2004


MOre hitting Jeuss movies, I'm gugessing.


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