I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, March 27, 2004

(undddsiclosed address okay? for my own saftey!)

JOe's Thought fo the day: (sitill have sense of humor JOe does even with hidding out and viisiting bad placc3es with full of bandages and peeling stitches: (note to Mell G: peeling stictches good for Passion 3: Reveng of Joe!)

The thought: On Gay Sex. NOT having done it but having JOe obsevrve (partof deal to stay trim and safe) is THIS: Okay, youi an dme and I'm talking to you Sttrraight fellas like Joe who are th opositeof Homo which Joe withouT Dictoinoray handy (back at the mobb secene) is Hettro?

SO: Addressed to the Hettrtos like Joe: Here is the message: WE LIKE BOOBS ! We like Cunties! THose things. Imean Joe like's all the cunties an bboobs he has seeen (Few) (asheley) but liek the one s on the strreet too Boobs that is!

---we like The STUFF we DON"T have!

HOMOs like what? Suggestion: theyu like themselves. Aka Other Men.

So: projection: some fat Homo like a fat Homo? I don't know. Some Homo with big shouldders love a Homo who Fill out a suit and strectch the edges maybe they pop the seamsss?


Projection :: A guy like me would Like: a 1) fuckedup fucfuck with stitchse all over his head, 2) Operation TWICE; 3) gone to Heavean ONCE': 3)always DENIED BY SA VIOR, and hass seen heaven and hated it, KNOWS HE's Going back and DOESAN"T WANT TO, 5) LIVES with this DEATH Senteance, Eternal death 6) has all thes e freaks at his door and the governmetn (7)on his sitde!

No fattys!

Haa hjaa haa.

Joe stills laughs. Joe alone

Friday, March 26, 2004


It's a jooke!
The amounnt of peopple out there! Dayu and Night and with my LOUDNESS TURNED UP it hursts! How to mask my face-my shaved heed and all the stittchexs--a ROBE? FUCK THAT! THen they really thinik...

YOu see these idiots and I count a hundre from my window (who knows how many in the lobby, the stairs, the elevator : JOe must maneauver these stairs or elevarot, or through the lobby somhow if ESCAPE). All Here for a JOKE! Whichi is JC SUPPERSUCK"s Joke on JOe?

Can't fifgure that out with TIME for leaving. I have a copmpuer, peopole! HEAVY And a NEW TV and Video Cassetter RECORDER! All gone? Sleep in EG's old place undeeer bridge? How about the peeople JO hurt and wants to hurt again? They happy to see ol Jo in EG's Old place undddder the brigde?

Or wait? HATE THIS! All this lovin

Thursday, March 25, 2004


So LOUD ritght now! Hear everytthing! Losser in #11 singging along to WhateVEr CD DVD IMAX: "I Bin to the EDGE and there i stood and lookkked down blah blah"
See you there, fuker! What eedge loooked where? let's go - you lose eeither wy the coin toss.SURE OF IT!

MUS T MOVE! not just 11, its also thos losers from the HOspital! Fuccking Jeremy! I am not Go d Or of God! I am a devvout hater of all things god with a few brand new stictches in my damn hea d and a reneweed Hatred for the Man?GODChild aka Special Boy who 1) missed me at the aGATES 2) Failed to even COURTESY FLUSH this time and SPREAD LIES


but wait

my new hearing Hears:

I hear a distttant ridder comin

the challnger bein chased by th bIg blue meanies on wheels --the vicious traffic swuad cars R aFFer our lone driver: the last AMEerican HErro, electric sSINTAR, the demi-god -- the super driver of the goldn west! Two nasty Nazi cars aRre close bhind the beatuautiful LONE driver. The police cars are getting closer-closer...::: CLOSer to ourRR sOUL HERro in his sOULmobile- Yeah baby! They bout ta strike, They gonna get him, SMASH! RAPE! The last beaETiful free soul oon this planet.

Come and ssset me gb freee you soul-bbbrother. I am the SUPER SOUL! I will guid you in !

Speicail plans for that fuck,huH?


Wednesday, March 24, 2004


GLad d to be bback and all but, hey, HOW SWWEET to sAY: "SUCK ON THIS, FELLA!" And split again!

Or maybbe just stick around. REaally fuck with His Ass.

I remmembered something about the LIGHT THough--my family is there HEAVEN i MEan. Don't pray for them but do remembeer them. THeyare stuck in that awful place with tha at awful Man/God.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTired. Long walk home . hOspitals suck. Missing Jeeremy but glad to be hooome, bandaages itch, probabbly rithght not to leave the Doctors ssay don' t leav "LIfe Threeatneing"but MAN if you had all those SICK PEOPLE asking you to LAY HANDS ON -- forget it-Germs a plenty!
Tired. Tommmorrow!'

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I truly am amazed. I believe that Joe will be back here, typing and everything tomorrow.

Please remember this: whatever he says, I believe that Joe is touched by God. There is just no other explanation for the miracles that have happened these few days he's been in the Hospital. And not just with Joe, but the other patients...

I wonder if Joe will tell you about the other patients.

God Bless you all, and good bye for now,


Monday, March 22, 2004


But I do believe that it is a miracle. He spent the better half of last night in ICU, but he pulled through wonderfully. Nurse Jackson said to me, "That's one tough boy, Jeremy" and Dr. Morgan even said to me, "I've never seen such a fight to live."

He's still in recovery but already eating solids (unheard of in my experience)! Probably have me typing for him again tomorrow if I know that boy. I will praise the Lord even if it will make Joe angry.

If you prayed with me for his delivery, than I thank you by praying for you as well.

Much love to the Savior, Jeremy

Sunday, March 21, 2004

( Joe's title not mine).

Jeremy here: typing for Joe again. Joe is having surgery tonight if the doctors can fit him in. Joe dictated some words for you all for me to type tonight. I'll do it because I do love this boy As screwed up as he is, it sure ain't his fault. He got dealt a bad hand, that's for sure.

So where is Satan? (begins Joe). I mean shouldn't he be subverting my soul? He was suppossedly always out there looking for me hunting me, before I didn't meet Jesus. I mean, I never met The Man, I mean, Jesus.

Tough job for old Nick now, huh? He should shake my hand for all the good PR I'm giving him. He's probably as big of a snooze-hound as the King of the Matresses himself...

(more of this. I'm sorry but this is the third 12 hour shift in 48 hours for me and I do have children. Let me jump to the part Joe stressed as being all important)

If I meet Him this time on the other side here are my words: "too late, sucker."

And Joe stresses again and again how important this is. So now you know, and Jeremy can go home and get a few hours sleep. This kid is seriously hurting, if any one is reading this thing of Joe's, and could use a prayer if you care. I pray because I am a Christian man and because I do believe that this kid got a bad break.

I'll let you know either way. Jeremy

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