I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, November 20, 2004


Even (see above title of said BLobgh)

JOew preerty damn happy

Thursday, November 18, 2004


So "Up on wofl" suck. not evfen "good.
So Joe walk all way up and bbbck and feet are fur hruting.
So Jesue the Chris is sleep all day on Daddy's couch unaware of problbbme of all flok on this world who may hurt whil he slppeep.
So wha

All is okay in Joe world!

He is see girl tommorrooow~! My girl call toniggght and we see toghether and a movie and oh it is! Kiwsses to her. spechial girl!

sleep on JC all is good on my planet

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


NO woriking to day -- no roolling camera but pllenty work: Walking and thINKing ABOUT? JOe' Business is what!>! Plenty lef to do

Sleepy joe and must geting up earrrrly: WHY? cuz someobody toold JOe aabout a cool song todaY: Is "Up on The Woolf" by Drirfters. Gotta get that! How cool that?! GETTING "UP on The WOOLF!" Gonna crank, think gJoe!
So up early for long walk to Towar and Recrods and get that shit! CRANK IT UP laster at home! LOuder and louder gonna RIp I sure (GBettre than Metallica Unforgiven which is #2 song go ever hear iand is #1 until I hrea about "UP on THat Wolfe!"

ROck later

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Joe is walkin alone down street of brokn dreams--is like a hero in a movie: so sad and lonely sitill fucked up by Pooh death scenees.

":PSST kid wanna job" is what JOe haers. JOE tell a lie: the guy ask: "you ever 2work a cccamera". JOE LIE IS this: "Yes."

compared oooto BIG Lie JOe told by Sucker-Christt All is good 99(as kids today are sayin). I MEAN I w a s TOLD I be met by CHRISt at gat and where hehehe at, never show, whiwhch is lie to NOT JUST joe but all of mankend!!! and aLL HUmnanitty --
beside JOe is very unhaappy as mentioon and bummed about the losss of Pooh and horrirrd potrayle of Death by Diney of Pooh Death.

So JOe have new jobs: Shoot film (0or viddeo, JOee hip to linggo now) and clean up after:

First day is aokay; weird; here it is: LIKE THIS: Joe shooting rolling camera (linggo for you all who now Knwo less than JOe) -- ACTION! yell some guy and all this stuff happen. Lotos of men and spanking an d on a STAGE somewhere far from JOE (so uesing "zooming", again a wor d for you newbyes) ans SINGING. Maybe a band is playing ore maybe it is all a laugh for somebody not in the room-- EVERYONE THERE V ERY SERIOUS.

Joe enjoyuing new job : BUT: there is a MESS gettin made on this stage (Joe try concenentrate on "rollling camera' part of job)buyt: more an dmore of mess and JOE must clean up after.

Anaalysies by "Dirctor" is this: Good JOb for JOE first half of job -- but too much "zooming" an d too much "FIlming" (should Joe slow down for you all -I ask you are you flllowing me?) of garbag. The stuff on ground. JOe mind slips to second JOB.

GOod work on that of cours. JOE Been cleanin up JESUS shit for Year s and Years now of cours.

Gonna film somemore tomorros. Maybe a "Wedding'or cumshot, unshire.

Nice to bben enploiyed. bye JOE.

Monday, November 15, 2004


UPdate from Dineyland: THis is Joe now talking to you from after Dineyland

Joe observe amny thing: 1) many peopl who mus love Sucker-Sonbut seem tlove this LAND better (good thing0 ) and 2) manyu fat peopl in too small shir t and shorts (ghg a bad thing) and 3) DISTURBING POO RIDE

Okay, W. Pooh is doign all kind of stuff don't make sense (JHOE IS SOMETHIG OF ECXPERT -se e my bio and all that work with kids for nooo fucing reason it TURN OUT when deserted at Pearl GAtes by J.T(sort for THE LOSER)C.

THEN Pooh escape body or die --here is the image it is like this it is terribe: Pooh alseeping or dead in his nigthcap and head down looking sort of BLUE no shit sort of BLUE: little pale verssion oif POOH is rISING FROM body -- JOE remember same feeling tgoing to light, but POOH NO LIGHT_ it is a weird red tunnel (sorttta familier now JOe think, I FEEL FOR THIS POOH) and then he is in his own HEAVEN i guess. IT is all about hunnie which pooh like I guess, I think he love it -- and it is all Honey and Hunny and then his birhtday party forever and get all great presents


WHERE is HE? WHere I ST THE SUPERSTAR? Nowhere! This part is real true. Then Eor say: "If you don't like my prenssent i can reeturn it." Well said, donkey friend, RETURN THAt "PReceious gift" tha Slacker-Christ pormis e and never deileiver to freind Jo and not ot you either firend.

So all in all an Informative ride. Joe say 2 thumbs up!

Sunday, November 14, 2004


After so lonng, Joe UPdates BLOG to say this" I"M GOING TO DSNEYLAND!"

CHech this for JOe: long time now siicne Joe trust Jesus SLacker Kin g of Heaven(ly) Couch and Prince of Bongs and Giver and Taker of Bong-hits and all tha t -- All Joe alone withou t that. Poooooooooooooooooor me, guessing JOe.

So Joe must trade love of all that toaught by HOly parents and many happy people, which is Love of Jesus Slack -- and JOe trade this for a trip to Happist pLAce4 on Earch? This is Joe life now?

HAppy thin g for JOe is this: THIS: He mmet a girl. SHe is beautiful an d easy geat along -- she -get this- like puppets. NOT puppets for HIS GLORY SAKE(slacker king of losers tha failed to mmmeet me at golden gates, I am Joe who died and belieVED and NO GO fro mthe KING of SLEEP, get off the Couch you slaker an put down bong an d say, "Hey JHoe, wlcome home" but but

All okay when JO look at this girl REALLY OKAY and happy for JOE!
But Joe off to Disneyland. That'sokay- GUees what, Joe found a cel phone on street an it work. GOnna cll my girl from ther.

NAME IS JOE MCPPUTPET, Rmember it fellas! AN d God, you listening, remember, my beef not with you with your boring Son who missed meeting me at gates okay? OKY!

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