I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, December 04, 2004


whOOsh! today was good day

Friday, December 03, 2004


Joe must have a a reusume for new job: Havn troubl with it:
Here is whaat have ssoo far:

Was dead 1:57 minute
Hate Christ

Any ideas? Joe

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

JOe Read A BoOK

Is fun and sosorta inttereseting to read a book wit no numbers on each sentence of eavh paaragrahph. Fun and sosrta fun but frekking Joe out!

By fer now.
OH? Book JOe read: "Sonny STo9ry" Wihc is story of my frind Jimmy. THat all for now. NEXT UP:L JOE READ About life of MUD! JOe like mud alot. it is sezy and fun.
An' Got a Kickin BEat!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


JOe more tire d for tha fact: no smashin today make JOe tired. So carry shit up and down stars for NEwe friend: HE IS NOT a FRIEND like JImmey who is JImmye CAan actor and good friend of Joe

But a friend is Terry :A frien dwho pay JOe moeny to move stupfc up and down satares. And buys some goddam good chicken too.it is Korean and if you fidn self downtown giveme mme call /> damn it call me an Joe will tall you address or at lesst the numbber of Terry an dhye tellyou where at: LOOK TERRY DROVE so JOe not sureOK!?

JOE then talk to Girl. my Girlississ good so good soo good but scaring Joe littl. JOE IS a little scared:GO LIKE THIS: she quote some shit: some bibble shit: it is KJV whih new to JOE -- same passages but didffeernt words; sound weird BUUUTT what the fuc k?

WHy she read CRAPlies! Joe tell all (most) sotry of death and denial by JC SUPER SUCK AND all trials and trtieribulations and Loss of all BELIVE until moement-the moment Joe see for self how all lies! aRE!. Joe not tell all about JEREMY pray for Joe on operating table (most) all about Jermemy pray TWICE for joe _ JEermey is most beloved Chrisitan and Joe no slouch -- all to no avail-- the Slcaker Crhist was mixin Margariatsa for the Boys -- let's COUNT EM SHALL WE: Matthew Mark, Luke, John, Thomas , there's Peter an Paul and on and on to 12! "Drink up boys nothin to do tonit but live it up and tequila gold and swallow that worm boys-good times" WHILE JOE wait and WAit at pearly gats.

So why she read this bibler stuiff? "Get know Joe exzperince better?"

Get know about wait for a loser? Joe never wait for a loser a agian. He wait for winner like her. Tht is New Joe Phiolosphy.

MORE TIPS FROM JOE's HAPPY PARADSE ON THI S EARTH: Hey Go rent avideo enttitled: "Godftather number 1" which has Jimy in it. (Not in tow or three --qucik bit in2 -but not satisfy)> Joe say: NEVER BETTER Is JimmY IN MOVIE NEVER HEARDbefore OF SO - HEad sup Flolks! Jimy should have been the Godfahter is Joe opin and JOe will tellJImmy when next in the Long Beach area -where Jimmy live and Joe enjoy his pool many times.

Divin in rightnow in my mind

Monday, November 29, 2004


is this: WRECK SHIT! Fuck shit UP!

Is an honourbable profssion. and Joe Highly paid.

Get this: Movies are maid by people! An d thes people work for Studios.

LISTEN AN DLEARN: goes like this: Like this: All this shit iss left over atfter movie is dun and it is made: THE MOVE IIS FINISHED: HERE IS the shit that is left: picture s o f people in movie an stuff used in movie like a talbe or a chai r or some model for a talbe or a chair or some MODEL for a Whole building or A Wharft that blow up.

Well it must be WReckeD! IT must be FUCKED UP!

He wreck today: Some parking lot from IDenTITY (Jake busey?) and go Godzilla on "SPANGILESE" ande take baseball bat to some old shit from "Digby" DIE Big Dog die! Hurt nomore children and DIE!

Joe lov ehis job. Next stop, Heaven! (BAT ReaDY And BATTER UP!"__}

Joe smile.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


WHO?> Oh c'mon!

Scene is this: Jope is JOE IS: sleeping? Maybe Joe is sleepin: JOE IS HAPPY.

Scene is THIS: JOe is asleep/awkae. In Dream/Reality is BEatufual VOICE singing to JOE. Is sing this:

"You and I travel to the beat of a different drum"


"You cry and moan and say it will work out -- SAY VOICE But honey child I've got my doubts -- MORE OF THIS VOICE You can't see the forest for the trees--"

WHO SINGING? IT is beautyuful .

"Oh don't get me wrong-- MORE-- It's not that I knock it-- JOE MJUST BE DREAMING -- It's just that I am not in the market -- VOICE SAY: For a boy JOE? who wants to love only me (JEUSUS?)"


THe vision or the voice or the song it GO:

'So good-bye I'll be leavingI see no sense in this crying and grievingWe'll both live a lot longerIf you live without me"

VOICE is right. Joe live longer wqithout JC.
But oo oh god that voice so sweet and beatuiful and what if it IS NOT JC BUT the girl of Jo's Dreams/ WHAT IF? And he hear only Jesus movcking?

Oh no, Joe in trouble.

Or not. Somehow, Joe think he ookay.

With love, S.M., and thanking for constant inspiration.

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