I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


All is forgiven. WHat a gfit? JOe never had somuch a lovin and thoghtful.

Don't acrutally HAVE x cuz Jimmy set it up so see sites work an all that -so he have disssameble. BUT MAN, the swifvel on that tripod is grreat, nevffer know ho w hevy is. AN barely feel it keick. An scope great like lookin in a window. Jimy say he clean it fore go beneath Joe XMAS ttree "more lik behIND, Joke Jimmy. FUn get use first before the ownin and rsponsibity come with all that!

What a guy that Jimmy be. He my hearo!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

JOE weird daY

Lots happy lots of very sad. Rmember dead friend (and poems bout) and see very sick kid who love -- Joe loving this kid.

Reememebers like: JOE liking that one song by MnM which is "lose yourself"
in the music the momen t in you nver every let it go!
JOe once shot NEVER LET IT GO!

Joe tiered.

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