I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

(Joe Girl an d a Valentine IS SUBTTLE OF THIS)
Joe have GOdood Nght and day wit Girl: IS PReValentine Day: is Joe Gettin a present: FIRST thing JOE GET like in this liefe: IS par of SHorts, or pants that go under other pants:what call this? THEY Go UNDER your Pants, the other pANTS, THESE go Under!@
JOe LIKE: Never had pants Go under: (WHAT call this?); Feel nice: feel NIZCERZ when Girl there (Joe Winking here) and feel RTEAL good Even LATER; Where? IN BED: With who? WITH GTIRL;

Joe must wae4r these things more often/. Must wasxh this pair: JOe IS WinkiNG!
Wash OR FRAME!! HA, that famous JOe wit is this:

IF THIS Pre-ValenTINE deay: JOE CANNOT even think OF QWAIT for REAL THING:!Q

If can: Imagine a PICUTERE OF JUOE; IN Picture: JOe is Smiling BIG!~
THat is one happy JOe in that picture.

MOre on Day affer Valentine and Girl get her gif: SEzy is it!

Bye now.

Friday, February 11, 2005


TUrn out:

ROck and Roll is Good!
Cuddlin with Girl is Beetter!

(sorrata like tha t comemrcial.)
But better!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


JOe taut
that ROck n Roll is sinful is awful an d permissve an d lead all kind things: like sez and drunkn drug and sez and sez:

Well OKAY Y'ALL: JOe Going Rock N Roll show tormoorow night!

AND celelbrreate all to Saint VALENTINES: ALL TIME!

JOE CANNOT STOP: He buy nother prezent Girl: is not as sezy as SEZY GIFT but involve Joe favoirete place: WHICH IS? IS BED. And Girl in it: and not for Sleeping NO!

Maybe give her tomrorowow night as early VAlentine DAy prezent: Joe mus ask Girl: He so carzy bout her he bout to loose mind but

JOE IS Just FINE in fact IS veeeeeery a happy

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


taugh t as kid: only two holidays: is CHristmas and IS Easter:

Now JOe clelbrate all kinds of holiday: HIS NEW faVORITE IS:


Joe sooo happy with present for Girl! Is sezy.

Joe going hell and happy for it!

Monday, February 07, 2005


As Kno
w Jimmy send Meesage s to Joe over his Jimmy SHow on TV channel 4! This last one got JO e very woorired and concerned:

Jimmy on Jimmy show is kickking some lady out of hotel Jimmy run: Lady say: "I want a free room!" Jimmy say: "I want peece on Earrth."

Joe say: Tall ordedder, Jimmy!!!!

Jo all woowried then talk to Girl (who super smart on such preedicicaments) ans she quote some genius or genius or woorld-=class thinker (maybe she quoting self cuz she all these things to JOe!) and say: "Best way to breing about worrld pecace (somthinlg like) is destroy obstacle to world peeace." (somthing like).

WHew! Joe reelieved! Cuz Jo e much better at DESTROY STUFF Tahn build or creatre or nuture or whateve.
Joe real good DESTORY stuff (at DESTROYIN STUFF) that is waht Joe good at.

Thank in it all to Girl!
Joe will sleep then wake and do some DESTROY work for JIMMY! (and register car -- not forget!)

Sunday, February 06, 2005


So Joe hear a thing
or two about parrietes when a kid:
they ba d and kids get in trouble: liek this: drinkikn and boozin and unproructed sexz: all no good and hate Chrisitans and love the Satanic.

Well -- Jo e no listen that shit no more. So go to SUPER BOWL APRTY!!!!

DIFfferent than JOe think!
be a bunch guys durnk and know lots bout football -- maybe make JOe dreink a beer and do a YELLOW shot and SHOUT and KONW name OF footblall players.

NO! Is a BUNCH of GIRLS. (Joe only guy there) and they ::
1) eat chili, and coorn bread, 2) very nice veeggie spread 3) much talk about gogood lookikng chearleadsers and Jody Foster for some reason?, 4) Girls all in pairs -- they two of each girl -- one is preerrty and one is tough look lke JOe, 5) Joe bring up his GIRL -- they all Verry INtreested, and
6) they have a prize for all who attend: "Bigigest Appetite", "Yells Loudest" "Mos Competitve" and JOE WIN: "MOst Butch" -- ALL LAUGH; someone say: "Stiff comptetition in thiss rooom!" and all laugh'n again:

But Joe happy with prize! Is certifiactate. Show Girl next see!

All for now! BUt hey, Joe is goooing to Parties now - how bout that?!

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