I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Deaar readder is asking self: (and assking of Joe: is JOE; iS ME!) "why yau in Chiccago, the windy ciity of city by vhe baY!?" "What yoa dooing way out of there, JOe?!"

IS a good qauesiton: IS!: so : Well JOe?

Truith is that JOe has mjuch mor many freends than just to mentionhere; is not all JIMmy this and tERRY that: and all Joe's Goo friends name of JOshua Larson or of EG and all he goth ffeends: is not even all about GIRL(though cloowse!: she is who JOe is lov of life and name is GIRL!)

No you frrend, NAMe is JOE), is having much moor mnay frrends: soome which is ricch and soome of whiich is fammous--an they asking JOe to join of ENtrougage -- meaning that JOe goo with them to soome prretty WILD pllaces : like to CHICAGO!

Why JOe? here is QAUestion: HERE IS ANSWER:
These friends (said FRE?Nds ) are all
1) IRiwsh
2) football fan: meanning that they likke the footoball game vvery very much
3) having of mmeans to go in a planne and to a hotel(Nice) and staying there; nad seeing anny damn game of tfootball tat that they damn well wanna see
WHICH IS NOtre DAMe vers.s USC: which is near Chicago: whichis a football game
and 4) is $$$; which they have and which mean they brring of JOe to Chiccago

but not to GAME; Joe job is driivng of car and cary of luggae and to pick up when drunk or sick

soo JOE now hurry to 1) driivn car
2) WAit in pakkring lot and 3) aFTER GAME: is carry they home to bed in nice hotel if neccessary:

MOr to follow but to all friiends here is JOE love and a sppecial message:

Friday, October 14, 2005


This is CHaigo Joe: writing from Chicago of ILlionois USA! He is sening shout out to all of frieinds: to Jimy to ALl in LAs VEgas to Piiiser and R-Peet a and all goo friends.

ESppcially to say HEy to Girl: who JOE is looving much and many mnay long times! And soon! WHN Joe getting back: eh be lovving his Girl very much (wink and winking).

So untiitl then: it you man in the Citty: IS JOe!!!

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