I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


for the niiice of Birthday parrsent for he Friend JOe: is a car-detailin kit! This com in handy nex time Joe is viisiting Jimmy hous in LOng Beach, eh? Is a laugh between Jimmy and he ol friend JOe and allso a way of JImmy sayin "I sall GOOD, JOe, friend of liftime - an expectin all ikin of goo tididngs from you frien JImmy and spezil messages on the JImmy Show on ABC TV"

THanks to JImmy and goo to hear: but WAIT!

The bes pressent is coming from: From? WHERE? WHJERE It dcoming from? IS FROM GRIL!!!

Now JOe is a ggennelman, so not to Tell or KIss and then to the Tellin: not JOE!


JOe not
te;lling: cuz in volving a little quiick change of out fit for GIrl and suddenly

where is girl?

IN PLACE: a sezy lady wit a broom (is a little broom: is littler than a broom: is small, JOe sayin), and she all cleannin wit the broom (smaller - like a little broom or a little broom-lik obJect) an sayin all thinggs in a weird voic (which JOe is liking) like "msster JOe is all okayy! Girl she cclllean".. an lookin all swezy and lilletl frills an d so foorth on wriists and hips and
OOOH la la and LA!


where is Girl?

Is now: a red devil
or is a litl red girl on way soomwher in a forest (knowin of story) is a little red HOTTI in a RED ROBE! an all satanic or cute like a littel girrl in a red jackket or coat or smething (knoowing of story righ?) in a forest or a woods to go somewhere to see som RElative?

foogret JOE confusiin:

an BEsst Birtdhay PResent ever!!!!

sorry Jimmy

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