I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Jimmy jus sooting Shit: or?: never know wi JImmY: WHEN SAY:
"Hey Pally!"
then sayin g that and this: and this about friend? some guy? singer? who is anger Jimmy: Jimmy Caan Is Pissed at guy (not rmember name: name is weird): this guy (jimmy taliking) do this and that - fullof own shit - pisisng JImy off: also (jimmmy talkking); "git this, JOE, he already piiick out son g for own funeral"

So JOe jump in SAY: "I happy to help him wit TIME and PLACE!"

Jimmy say WAIT; but first say: "Tha why i LOve You, JOE McCain!"

Speking which--LOVE -- Joe not talk about Girl wekend so much - not wanna bor e and go on and on and lov love bor eing perhaps Faithful v=readiers: joe shoowing resttraint

fuck it: Girl is fantastiiic and fasntasmical: is JOe unnderstanding that one of theeese words might mmean "byond deescriptin"?
IF SO, this Joe feelin for GIrl is "BYOND DEScrIPTION"!

And as KNOW:
JOe somethign of a wordSMIth: hand y with the worsds is JOE: so that he loose to words - abiilty to sujmmon word: apporopriate word or words to be descriribging FEELIGNS for GIRl Is: Is ammaizing: is Unnprrecednt (whiich is WOrd Joe believe mean "wiwithout precedent")

Joe stop: Now: Joe know ffeeling in heart and boody (and joe WILLY) bout Girl so okay: not have word! (will find or not!) IS LOVE!

Message GIRL: JO e love and will hoppe find other words dercribe but LOVE!
MEssage JIMMY: JOe happy kill BOno! (remember name!)

Friday, March 04, 2005


HERe is Joe in lap of Luxry! Siiting on very nice Leathter Sofa - a roaoring fir - tatsteful art on wall s - He eatin cheerries fin in Fridge!

Theese Two GUYS (who JOE HOUS_Sit fo pal JIMMY) got EVERyTHIGN: Even a Cheerry Pitter! Ahhhhh go down smmoth JOe throat - follow up with sommm Cchcardonay! THis the life:

Joe think THESE TWO must bbbe the swiwingest bachellors all time! Place immmmatcullate! And only ONE BED! One guy mus be out parrtying whil other is geeeting on in bed with coucntless ladiyes! THen trade place!

Jope gonn a relzx: later watch somthing call "Death IN VEnce" - they have DVD! LIke the idea of that: dEath! In VencicE! Gonna rock!

Then see Girl mooorow. Like JIMMY say: you get what you wannnt in life: if keep BOTH EYES open!

JOe see all

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Joe fameous! (ha )

IS place Jo work some time and times: ISfor STUdio: is wher Joe is breking ans smashing ol prop and Models ANd SCCERNery from moviees.
SOMe HOT HSHOT: She is CEO of somehing: is giiving talk LECturE on "Asssset MAnaagement and PRirvicay concccerns": is what? : IS SMASHIGN SHIT: Which JOE Job: so

tDAY ceO lady show up with camera and camera people: they light JOE real weel: They dress JOe in bran ndw UniFORM: givin Joe a Barand NEW SELEDGEHAMMMER - is silver like- and Joe POP! smatsh and POP~! smaksh (and POPPIN is the Camera tkake picures: POP!
Joe ppose end with Lday in fron of smashe shit: let her hol hammer: shakin hand.

IS a livving!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


JOE jus copmplet job for Jimmy: driopiing off of Package: (is not a package: is Joe bging craffy gin): makking rangments: seeing job thtrough: then

then off to Girl for good time and eat and talk and Girl tellin Joe many many stories: Joe listn happy- Joe listn an watchin Girl: is like JOe back in Sunnay Schooo;l: only thi time th TEacher is HOT! soooo hot--JHoe want stay allll night: But

Jimmy callin: off nex job is: is this: is sit in HOUSe of JIMMY FRIENDS for 4 days: is swwank place -- is swingin BACHOLOR PAD: these two guys livin it up -- living alone -- no chicks: nice place": well pointed - real style

and one comffy bed Joe lay head on annd ddreamin of Girl an her prrretty hands turnning pages (or touchi n g Jo Willy) he bout drriiift away to sllleeep

Life good

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


All day is JOe on JOB fo JImmy: IS visisiting TOdd B. (this JOe bein carefufl and craffy: B not last ininitial of name an name not TOdd either: JOe craffy). IS Secrtet. becuz is JOe giitting fsomehtin that TOdd B makin for Jimmmy:

Not for JIiimmy real: Is FOR JOE: And Joe do what want with it: And whwt JOe want is what JImmmy ssay: git it?

So JOE waating all day with TOddB: who has a spezil talent: make sumthign JIMMY; soomehitn tha a BLast: is a Bang: and JOe beieing craffy again.
TOdd B spezil talent: but CCCCARAZZZZY: JO all day have listn to talk: to watch stuff on innernet; is plane hittin a builidding: is przident readin a booK; is YAK YAK AYK: about soomeone name is Jeff or now it JIM; IS name is Gannnnon or Guccker or blah and blah blah and blah blah blah

GIvin Joe a break ; this guy a fugging nutcase - lik whole worl a gains him; tkakin spezil iinteres in him; shu up!

JOe jus sit n lissseten and dream a liiitle drieam of Girl. He see her affer little job fo JIMMy morrow. THat is ALL GOood - as the kids are sayin - it is alllllllll GOOOD (bettter: is grate) see my baby!

Cant wai!!!

Monday, February 28, 2005


Joe Dodcoters amaze! Joe one toughhh cookie: cant beelieve still ticking and bein JOe: Is JOE: aftter all bin thorough:
"WHat Secrit JOe?" askin the bbaaffled Docotors and scrachin heads

Joe ANSWER: 2 fold
- Hattred of CHirst!
- LOve of GIrl!

Now goo bototle tht one up doc - and make a million

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Joe tttry put didsaterous turn of weeknd behnd: get life e t g3ethter: finiiish projjeects start:

1 is mOnday: is this: finallly ssee Docotor: get stichhes RemOve: been six mnths: most out -- but itch hell! THey in JOe head!!!
ALSO: colllect the DOcuments: THE PROOOF: Joe littllle project for Govrnment: poroove JOe case!
2) TUESday: Mailng of siad Documnts: Proof: to
-- Gil (sick fuck at wrk, he unndderstand)
-- E. G. -- JOE livin at his plac so deersve know what JOE up to:
-- JOhhhny D- who mak muisic JOe undeerstand,s o much to make JOE BELIVE JHONNY D to be the undrstand the MESSAGE
-- Stteven from Chrisiitan Camp long go- Mostly a luagh - a giggle for Hero: is JOE: is lauhgin think litttle STevn open packaaage an unnderstand that ALL BELIVE is shitt!
-- Makr who help
-- Sandra who help (JOE HAVE MANY helper-- he just not sstoooped) (IE: Thse not real names)
ALSO: EVning: viistn friend Todd B. at EDIT room: NOTHer helppeer JOE! (not real name)

and 3) Wednesnday: is INVENT TIME MACHINE (JOe sense humor) and go bak Tuday night and call MY BABY: calling Girl to tell love: see how she do in: She mkaing a movivie or a play or somthing Joe not alble undsrstand that day: TUESDAY JOE; so he checkin in as GOod Boyfrend sholud!

THE REST WEEK: Mybe Build THE Templee up at Forrest Lawn: Temple JOE whch run hourly on ddthe hour:
Mybe: work Teery:

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