I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Friday, December 17, 2004


And thi s is Joe trtying not to answer:

"Hello Jimmmy"
Jimmy speak, joe mus st do it.DAMN!
Joj almost happy nowmust do jImY dealings
Whihs ssem to be something about (CANNOT TELLING)

OH, when does JOEW jest get Kill Jeuss us Chist Not do Jimmy Caan Bidding.

Po Joe

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Tell me again why I HAve to Kill for JimmmmmmmmY?

Joe not so inclinnned at moment.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

LIeF'S a BITch

When jimmy no call.
GUess Joe got the day oof!!!

Monday, December 13, 2004

JImmY NO TELL wHO Kill: BUT give 3 TAskS FOR JOE:

#1: This from Jimmy: Get inside O)PERA HALL: same place JOe last night see bouring dying and dying. So Joe?
Easy enuf: just walk in _ i'm her for that one job: "Red cap or Brakedown"? Joe like sound number 2: "BREAKDOWN!" That way,sir
8 Hours later; Joe back hurt a bit and LEARN NUTHHING--nuthing of interest cept this: Elevators slow. DOors are heavvy and have nooone of them stOPeers them Stoppeer Things. -- Too heavy even for a chccair to hold opEn! THe railin on concccductor stand is loos (spscially after JOE tak screws out! GOod luck Eza-Pekka! Don't swing bbaton toooooooo ohard!)
HA ha (famouus JOe sence of Humor)(get you everytime)

#2 is (also from JImmy): Get a Shild a SHield: by wich Joe take 2 mean get a badge a police badge./ Ez enouf for JOe who still working at SMAshiNG PLAcE. JOe smash stuff for people (stuifdios) who make Movies. He smashe props like ,oh, Badges(SHild for Jimmy if listening) (IF so: MIsison almoss accopmplished on tha one, Jimyy Caan sir, maybe even tomorrow.) (If so 0pLEASE SIR tell Joe waht thi s all about.:L)

#3 is tough one: Find JOe Brother. He name is Steve.

THis one a littl tough Jimmy. BUt Joe try

That all ask of JOe, huh/! (the trying part)

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Some good though: HERE is that;
JImmys say make a List: Okay, NUMBER ONE: DIGBY! DiGBY DIE!


Jimmy put bad thoughs in in head. Make Joe watch a movie called THE Thing. In which a dog (Digby? )is turning into many bad things including people. Who know s who is good and who is the evild dog whooois a realy a THING?

Crafty Jimy then send Joe to Operaa. TO Oapera! An OPREA!@ Wht Fuck?!
(Can you dig that which is JOe AtOPERA oh lah te dah and lah tee)?

SO joe Trip out of that thing, is sorta fun, think asabout the good times Jimmy, then WHOA! Imeaning WHOA!

StorY: IS THis: Dude is dying. He is dying and dying and singing and singin and singing about his dying.

(aside is Joe know aabout KNOW A LITTLE THING OR TWO abut the dying, back to story of dude dying)

So he is dying. And he sings abou tit. And it go like thi(JOE HAVE POINT):

He bitch and moan.

He miss girlreend.

He die for a while then come to(AAGAIN JOE EXPERIENC _this why Jeimmy Send Joe to thingOpera?) and tell all about dying.

Then describe all about dying (missed a few thing sthere pal)
Then THINK hias babe is coming. Is happy.

Then angry about death.

the n REMEMBER LIFE BEFOR E LIFE: He rmemvers some shit that happen befor ehe born.

then think about "Yearnig Death" Is he yearning for death or dying to yearn or some such>

He die.

Bitch (excuse0) his babe show up and is bummed he dead. THEN ALL THESAE king s and hsit cry and curse and everyone has a conffession of sin an d all sorry.


the Chick says.<> I WANT TO DIE!

And Bingo! She does.

That's the end of the stoyr.!

Joe is loving that chick.
CUz Opera end. Other wise, 4 moeere hours of "I want to die, oh, no, oh yes, oh no, ohyesblah blah balh.

Is this message Jimmy want Joe learn? If so, Jimmy just made
along witht he American LIbrary Assoiciation of Sum Such.
Get it togehter people, JOe coming at ya.

And Digby, you better hide, but you know that

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