I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Friday, December 31, 2004


& he call Joe RIGHT AWY: Say: "What this, buddy Joe and a great pal, that you givin me? A Fertitlity Simbol?"

Which Joe not get: What Joe gtive him was Egg Cuddlers and A Egg timer, you knonow for EGgS: to hold Eggs when hardboboiled and TIme when Boliing them.

But Joe hear this: WHich is Jimmy comtining: "BUt I LIKE IT!"

So Joe happy and happyr still cuz see Girl tonnight !!!and is New Year and now gootta get some Ping ponb BAllS for myt gay frinds;.


Thursday, December 30, 2004

INVITED TO HeF"S PLACE foer NEw YEAR Celebaration

JOe kenw a kid in Highschool who ambition is (ANd aquote in HS yearbookr read "TO find Hugh Hefner and spend some time in his jacuzzy and then amamrry the best girl ther and live happy like " as Joe remember

Well - Messag to Chris Gold: Joe found NOT Hug HEFener but his good pal Jimy Caan, who live at Hugh Hefffner plac at some times and then:


GET THIS: INVITE JOE TO spend NEw years up in the MAsnsions that "Hef" own and it not a Jazxxcuzy, dummy, but a ppool.

Joe go? NO!

Spend time with his Girl! Tha a real party.
(LIsten up JCSuperstar: Joe is happy )

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


An it look jus like this ONe. IS Jimmy wreitin bout JOe writin about Jimmy!

Aint that a kcik. go figur

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


:"Wher the angery JOE?! "HEY, JOE WHY why you so not hate the Jesus this Xmas season" And "Bad times for Joe McP: why does he let it all go and not hate so much" And this MAIL: GO just "WHY?"

(JOE IS para waht the word is Para=fraze? is taking somewords and makeing them WHAT: different?)

The Jist is this: is this: 'Joe?! Why no so pissed ofoff?!'

Answer is:
#1) Joe has gun
#b) Big gun
3: Love is, okey, JOe is in love
5: Big gun and Joe hate for Jesu can wait

If Jesu can wait so can Joe -- Joe got all time in wolr d and now a gun (big) and a GIrl who cool and beeeeautuful and sezy and scary smart ouch she so smart and make joe smile and she kind and make things out of potato and make thing our of noting(like fun n joy) an just coool and joe like to look at:

C'mon JC, JOE DARE: take this way from me.

You thought HE(JOE) was mad and angry befoure (with all shit you put Joe threuGH) (see above: HE NEVER SHOWED UP!)
and you right (SO MAD) before:

BUt belieeve in thi s SOn of SUck, yo don wanna fuck with this:!!
Joe smile and make ttthat n
gunshotting thing: kaboom and a wink.

Sunday, December 26, 2004


Joe clearly funnya guy who is funnya funny guy:
so add this to mixx and see what shit sstrorm he sweril to gether for all mankIND!

#1) is JImmy course (love ya bro) go like this: "I am the Godfadder!"
(better if see faciaal exprssion and vocal inflection ana all that purty goo d though huh?)

#2) of cours (see tieltle above: "I am a spolied pbrat who scares MY DADDY but no ONE ELSE not least of NOT is: NOT scaring JOe! I a big loser cant be get off couich to say 'he y old freind JO' whne show in hwvean. I SYUCK"
(again, bbeter with facial exprirsions an d espiceially the funny shtikk JOE do with mincin round and flopping hands this way and that -- must see believ e-- ASK JIMMY!)
#) Thi s a new one: give JOe minute; Okay
"dammit Spock!"

Joe is gooddam funny yes and point #2 is goonnas save world so laugh and laugh along and get the GODDAM POINT JESU.
Rest of you just luagh and enjoy JOe saving you and givin laugh at same time.

Medryfucking cchristmas!

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