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Saturday, April 24, 2004


Some dudes sswhere folowing me. LBlack dudes in blaack shit and head and toe. Later swhisper in my ear__ Keeping GoinG"

Whjat does it mean? WHo a message from?

Oh shit som one here

I don't know , sorta missin the sense of fun like Passion of CHRIst.

Is my Blog HOT
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Thursday, April 22, 2004


A soooo angry! @What a rip-oof! This no where near as fun as Passioo n of Christ!

NOTE TO Quentin Taraaatinowaherver: 1) have a point 2) lotts of blood is good but not if yo u don't HATE The person it happening to, aka JESUS 3) sorta cartoonish for my liking , see POTC bny my pal Mel G for pointers (like, an immense4 amount of blood can coume out fof on e person, but give it time m y friend give it lots and lots of time...

and HEY the"bad guys" who inflicted the pain were sor t of anonymous ad losers -- make them HEROES Q.T. maek the pain the inflct on the "WINNER" a TRIUMPH! LET HIM HAVE IT!

Joe not give up on you cuz you got some blood lust in you, but not too much, listEN TO JOE AN DLEARN: KILL THE CHIRST KILL THE CHRIST AND SUFFER AND SUFFER you anc make a biiililon like mAH PAL MEL G!


Wednesday, April 21, 2004


FROM MAIL:"Joe Gets Mail:" THIS one: "Dear Joe, dont tatke this the wrrong way, but as im passioned as you ssseem to be you hav to unnderstand that you ar hittin on some pretty Touchy Subject!"

Wellllll...reeally! OH MY! I'm shocked annd surpriesed and pain t my grandmother pink and puprpple! You mean to ttell me that Jessus Christ Denied Me twice and the cockain't crowed yet is a BIG FUCKING shoCK TO YOU! Dear Dr. Hensley, I deal with Dujmmies like you everyday. JOE ADVCISE: Shut mouth. Open Eyes.

MORE MAIL: "JOE Get mail"! : >I guess I have a different perspective. When I saw the movie, I was
>stunned. I walked away thinking, "Wow, I sure am a wimp when it comes
>personal suffering. I hardly am willing to give God my time, not to
>mention my life. I get offended when people say unkind things to me.
>Jesus took words, abuse, and death on a cross and was forgiving to the
>end." Probably the most powerful scene was when the thief on the
>said to the Pharisee who pushed to get him crucified, "He's praying

JOE ANSWER: YEs, Muckus, you ARE a wimp and you miiissed point of movie -- being this: KICK THE THEIF TOO and KICK HIM HARD HARD HARD TIL BLEEDING and I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nightly.

Later in same ee-mail: Soem e shit about MAH BUDDY MEL geetting shit from somee reviewer about the violience in film. Muckus write: "Did she see the Kill Bill Movies?"
JOE knows whwat he doin gthis weekend: seeing Kill Bill MOVies.

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Is my Blog HOT
or NOT?

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