I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

tninking about girl

Friday, January 07, 2005


Same message: Plans movoving accoorinding and PERpare! But this time;

This time: Signed: Myrmidons!

Quick Answer now: Joe got Mankowitx Number; so Joe CALL and FIND OUT:

Myrmidons IS AChille’s Warriors; They the mos t incredible warriors of all time; They Greek; They long time agon:-- They sack everything:

But Mankowitx tell Joe also more: Joe know more Than whatt KNEW: which this time OK because Manko tell:

Tell of Helen of Troy: He say “Face lauched a 1000 ships!” GIRL has face like that: Joe not have that mnny ships but if did! Ow! He do it. In a Minutte!

This a make Joe wonder; how Girl srvive with face so beautiful!?! How KEEP IT!?! Joe hav stictchs and all cuts from mulittitple operatiosns: But asllso Joe wear all pain and disappoint of life which of Rejection by SON GOD on face: And jOe like it!

But Joe will try sofen face some – so maybe not look so weird if next to Girl an her Beauty.

“Good luck Joe” say someobydy. Joe sigh and hit him

Thursday, January 06, 2005

JOe miss his girl

Occupy mind with MACABEES
who are according Mankowitz (see chart belw) a biblical (spitt does Joe) and hisssotrical figures.
Accordin Jimmys Lawyer and main man (other nJOe): theese 7 borhters took back controol of Juddea (where JC Dumfbfuck born) afffer ceneturies of occupation by eeverybody and his sistters conquaering army. THIS IS 120 BDF (that Beffore Dumb Fuck - that famous JOe wit HA!)

They are jews and they are kings but not "king of jewS?' THAT Be JESUS? SO waht: ask Joe to MANKOWITX: WHAT?

COMPLICATED: THEy jew s and beecome kings but piiss off the religion folk - why? - Cuz they wanna be both king and holy -- be in charge of everthing! this is makin church guys pissed! THey (MACABEES) rule Judea for 80 years and no onne like (even though they are jews and King but they not David or Solomon who JOe gusssing let the chruch guys run tha end of thing:


POINT IS: Jesus DF come into world 10 year after thes dummies lose -power. AND the church happy happy Macabees gone and now church fucks are in POWER: EVN THOUGH ROMANS are KINGS: THEY (churchies) ARE MORE POWer than when MacABEES.
So: MANKOWITX SAY: "That why idddea of KIng O JEWS" pissss them off so much want to kill him ( and joe do too and woul love t o been there!)

SO all this from Big BRAIN of Mankowitx (thankin Joe to JImmY) but WHAT FUCK?!

THis answer no question regarrdng EG!

so Joe back to wwondering an d missing Girl
Ahhhh sweeet sorrow

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Well: Joe not without resosuorces. SO joe Now know all need know about Macaabbees (at leeast Historicla) so a little closer to ridddle of EG gettin mail from : Macabees.

FIRST: How joe learn all thiis shit and HOW JOE leanrn ALL THIS SHIT ans so DAMM fast?!

Jimmy course! Let explain how work at Jimmy chaatuaeu: (Whih is Frenhchc for House, Joe beleive:

Power Sturucure:

#1 = Jimmy


Ralph = drivver (take jimmy from South Bay to Culvver City an d at times ot Las Vegas and mos to Hef's PLac which isth Grotto)

Ramameirx(some mex name) and most called "LURVY": LURVY clean pool and pick up Jimmy and Jo's sh8it.

Gould and Tindall: These two buzzards are that work in a warehous near where JImmy shoot his JImmY SHOW IN LAS VEGSA on ABC! They do mostly want JOE do -- like hurtin and killin and fuckking peopoele up for JImmy.

JOE - ObviouslEE!

AND MR. MANKoWITZ: who is lawyer and a snake an smart and alloso know all the delars that Jimmy need.

So -- like this: Joe neeed INFOR -- call Jimmy -- he call MJankoWItz - Maknowitz call JOe: And give Joe full report on MACABees!

Ok! Agreed! And unndnderstood! NOw Joe too tiered tell aoubut

So slleep an check in morrow if still iNstreeted!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

MEssageA FOR E.G>.

EG i\f you rreadin this: Got message for you today: FIRST FROM JOE Is THIS: I livin in yo ol place all is okay buddy but Jooe did burn sh9it aboout yo DEAD son - Joe saorry but BUMMER live wit all picckturs and articklkes of him(dead son) all on walls. JOe keep diaggrams and other mateirals fo you-not understand but JOE Keep.

Anmwyway_ MESSAAGE for you EG: got in mial. It say this and Joe quoteing now -start the quote here EG. Plans pporoceedin and Preapre. Singed the MAcaBees and end the quoutein here.

JOe not underatsandin this meassage even less than daaigrams an other materils or even why EG (You) leave jOe soo quik into friendship and why still let JOE know abbout this place: Where jOe must hide affer Jeremey spill beans about Joe Healing abiblities. Joe still love Jereemy dispiete MUCH HIDING and sitll love YOu (EG) so let us HUG and all good HA AH HA(Famous Joe wit) and serious THER IT IS: THE MESSAGE for you-- and hope all well and don't woorry Joe sitll haiting Jesus for you and FOR me and FOR dead son (of you) and sorry burn picktures but (as ssaid) a bummer.
bye an hope read
JOE (off to watich the JimmY Show on ABC!)

Monday, January 03, 2005


jOE is Alive! aalIVE ALIVEEEEEE!

Dial up your juke box Wonderboy and llok under thee Xmas tree anD mbye a little box; and what insidew the box (hurry to open box == superboy, futurboy)

IS it Joe FLippin You the Bird!?>

It is! SEE: Joe movin fingar upside donw IN a CIRLC : JOE SAY: "Can ya hear it Jesus, can you here me talkkin you, can you here this?"


JOE: Okay(say Joe) and then( "Let me TURN IT UP! and he do (Joe) turn the fingar stRAIGHT UP and say FUCK YOU JESUS CHRIST SON OF GOD

and Happy Newyear toall other suckers and then JOE turn finger dow n again


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