I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Well quite a ride las night with Girl (Wink and wink). THen the most eexxlclent of days as Joe hav eplenty fun and look at greaveyards (NOT GOTH -- NO!) but fun and much fun and do some driving 9winking JO eis again) with Girl and she soo dam fun to be with an smart as shit!

Then thinkin g about a word only Jo and crazy folk like JOe-used-be (CRHISTIASANS) know: IS THIS:

INNERANCY: Freedom from error or untruths; infallibility: belief in the inerrancy of the Scriptures.

JOe do a onlinne srarch with a srach engyne and find htis word. IT IS only OF my )(FORMER) people and it suck.

way Joe back in land of happy! Thank you readddesrs for allow Joe his mommment doutbt.

Is my Blog HOT
or NOT?

Friday, February 04, 2005


whgo is Mrs. Mccpuppet (world-rnowned) used say bunch shitt bout Jesusu which turn out lies when Joe MEET (or NOT MEET) Jesus in HEaven cuz he a slacker...
BUT JOE MOM used say"tommoorrw another day".

Sun shine on Joe day. Car start and he get green light all way to work. Burds sing. Chilccren laugh. ALL that shit. And GIrl on way over soon -- gonna be fun!

AND CAPPY N BOO: Comic team of OLDe3n times who Joe now work, are funny fuckkiing guys. They do a bit go like this:

Say Cappy?
What Boo?
Why didid Chicken cross road?
I dont kno0w0 Boo, why Chicken cross road?
To mmmeeet SAmmy gLICkman.
To mmeeet our Manager?
What is our Manaager do8ing on the other side of road?
Waiting for the Chicken!


These guys KILL JOE!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


You firend JO in a fouul mood. First off, he break Girel clocok radio to start day ande verything else that follow SHIT: it take too long do everythin: everyboddy calling Joe want tell THERE problem: JOe is feel unprecciated and is stinking mad.

Wait! THis not like JOe. JOe need concentraate on good thinggss inlife;
1) not in Heaveen being blowwn offf by Jezuz CHrist who have beeter thenings do than mememet HIs "friend' JOe at pearly gate
2) Girl
3) JOe new job: Which is:
Woprk for some old comedy taem: OOOOOOLD GUYS: Teery set it up: these guys name of Cappy and Boo (not real name -- is there stage name)) FUCKIn' FUnny guys - Joe tell more later
4) Girl agin - she reeeaal good to joe (joe is winnking and happy do in so)

NOw Joe go punchh a pillow o sumptin!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


He going into unikownkn teeririotyr an d al l wit out a map. MCPUPPET & CLARK (or maybe bettER is: is this; MCPUPEPT AND GIRL:

Wish JOe luck -- he setting off on journey. He kiss lucky eblem round neck if had one -- and kiss picture o Girl (many time) (if had) and head into wiwlwderness.

IMagine that voice; the old time voiceL: the guy on the radddio: GO LIKE THIS:
"INtrepid hero set sailing for uncharrted tterreitory - he name is Joe --awake Mre and Mrs. Amreica and take heed and take war ning -- Joe travel through all ot time and all of eternity -- for Love - for Girl - and ever perahps to PERISH -- Good luck and neever to GOd SPeed to our Friend JOE!"

Joe setting SAIL!.
(IS ALL A METAFOR of how happy JOe be -- is shakin with happy to see GIrl

SO:(champange hit side vessal: cry of "all abaaord)!

Name is Joe: Name is Joe

Monday, January 31, 2005


JOe try out a liltle thing night with Girl: WHich is: blowing kisses over phone

BIG MIASTAKE! Is lame -- which jOe realize now -- and JOe caught up in moment=not thinking and make a little kissy face and sounds coming out: OH NO!

JOe is fucke

JOe juss spend 4 hour on compuetter cuz of ATTACK of virus.

WHy Jimmy?! What Joe Do you -- JImmy?! Call off attack - Wahtever is -
JOe sorry.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Consider JOe as he struggle with ths very poost:

FIrst thought Joe have for descrirbing of weeknd go: it go liike this:
Firs Joe dick go up when with Girl (being sxey as ever) then go down after squirt a bit, then up and squirt! REPEAT PROCEWSS! DAMN SHE HOT"

WAit: This the way JOe Talk about GIRL? -- Girl HE LOVE?!!!

Joe in LOVE! THis is fir 1st NUmber 1 Time for our friend JOE to feel soooo much love: so what do:?

Joe finding a floooower that he love just so: speecial floewer for a speccial Gir - Lady. She lady of Joe dream. Wea ar ing beautiful in blue in her little pojamas in buff (joe like ver y much Gi LADY nekked) and vvvveery beautiful in her outfit night so preety and very georgeous - digified- and words ssexccsape to say how HOW much JOE find her beauuutifyl and s o special - JOE LIKE

SHIT! JOe suck at this. He just
x suck a t this

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