I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


JOe havin plenny bad ddrreazms last nigh: Jimmy angry at JOee for not6 dancin: everyone anggry at JOe for ussing a puppy as a pupppet and ssaying words "Cock sucker": sooomeone drownning and JOe ccannot sppeak loud enough: =

and jOe wakin to nother dreaam: IT GIRL beeauutiful face: only NOT a dreaM;
Is real and JOe susure gllad he awak!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


but a good day- gettin muuch doone- JOe waatchin "Briians Song' and "HArry wAlter gooing to NEW YORK" vvery fine fillms by the Goffather hisself - is JIMMY Caaan!

an noot to woory all faaithful reasders who holling breath: JOe is watchin "REveLATIons: is revieiwing the tape; makkin notes; takin all very seerious

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

JOE NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!

He (*JOE) surre you all tiired of Joe neuw JOBS: "JIiimy got a new jooob for JOe:L "Teery wannting Joe dooing this:" "in allleterintive reallity Joe is a preacheer" blah balh huh? blah

THIS NEW JOOB< JOE beeN wwaIItng Hole LIFE for!:


if mean this : an thinkin do!:
Joe watching ovver: carring bout: makking food a ppear for hungry Girl: geeting somthing for her she like: giivng a rub of shoulllder and liistiining to all stories told: maybbe even innterjeect own stoory of self or soome shit : makin a laughh or two: dooooing it! : feedin and batthing with an more than occassional towel session: Joe will not only make you wet but make you dry: wwatching sleep

File tha resumme under "shredder"; THIS A JOB JOE PLAN ON KEEEPIN!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


QUestions asked fromm conncerened friiend: " IS the tumoors out"?

This KIND (verry) questiong mmmaking JOE contemplate: making JOE do twoo things:

is to touuch he scars agin. UUsed to do all time: to touuch and touch--- Not duoing in while:

2: is this: thiiking about "How JOE dooing"? (whiiich noot do: JOe not doin either this: EVER

scars heealin: JOe dooing beetter on manny counts: espcily wanning live(thankin GIRL)

: TO CONCRNED FREiND: mmabye all tumor out.
THey - DOOCTERS _ been in to JOe head: cut it oppen 2TWO times: and so faar JO)E is still tickking

but "friiends " fromm Chcriistian Coummunity that JOe once par of still nossing roun: still stickin nose around JOE and checkking in and monnitoring him

IS JOE PAaranoid? Chck this sht out: (joe fiirs attemp at a 'link"
go here

JOe not good a this<>

IT a way downnTHEY
- they a link down theere



Monday, April 18, 2005


(nott so being so good:

HERE IS: dream:: JOE is same guy is - bu8t this time no accident - no hitt by chuurch bus: JOe jus cross the stteet that day.

so Joe jus groowing up like planned: he not get head innjry: he not get cattscam: he noot get ttelling by doooctros o f a groowth in brain: HE NOT DIE foor 1;51 minutes and secconds RESPEcTIVLEY: he not go heaven and he not YOU KNOW REST

so here is Joe juss crooosing the sttreet - perhapps he wavin at th passing bus - no bloood on bumpper in thiiis world - IS ALTERNATVE WORLD

so Joe life is goooing as planned by all: by Mom (MS>. MCpupPT) by preaccher by chuuurch coummunity.

so jo is fiinishin his schoolin at his chuucrch and his school (whiich is same thing) an pertinding to all ask that he "homee shcooling". He reeciving that lletter he waiiiting on: the one frrom the school in Idaaho: the one whwere they teach good but teach allso in God name: he e getting in! He getting A's aon all finnnal pappers and bein champ of Biible Quiz teaam!

Here is Joe gooing to coolleg; he goooing to be a miniiister: he goooing to have his own chuurch; THIS IS GOOOING TO HAPPEN FOR JOE!

mabye Joe hoolding hands in chappel with a goood lil girl: mayb JOe goooing on Miiisoinary woork to Africcka or Asiia or othther placces in need of Lorod: maybbe Joe prarying a good deal: perrpahs Joe becomining goood at pray: lead all people and tel of his thouughts: He THOUGHTS that he havving at this school in at top of Uniited Sttates

all time is this: IS JOE!

all time is thi: IS JOE noot knoowing bout that brrain tumor: wiich is prrexixiting conditiion: DOCTORS VERERY CLEAR on SUBJEC: nooooot cauused by church buus acciden: acciden a lucky thin (Or HAND GOD - sayin MRs. Mccpuppet and ppreaecchers) : allerting all to tummor wichiic will


so DREAM IS THSI: Joe lliivng this other life: an Joe not knoowing that any second he goooing to die!
and - in oother life - JOE is noot knowing that where he goooing he will be severrvley bloown off by sooomone he spppend his WHOOLE LIFEE thikking bout and prarying to and teeaching woords of- he willl be bloown the fugk off and ruudlley rebukked by the KING of KINGS by the SON OF GOD!

I FEEL SOORY FOR THAT JOE! HoopPING he DIE SOON an d git msytery solve!

bu cry a little cuz he allso me: is alloso this JOE

an it hapy

Musss tell Gril!

Sunday, April 17, 2005


AT Joe Place: IS Joe alone: but not

He lookin rounnd he place: is you friend JOE: is lookin and - all cllean up- nevver know a pawrty in such a curummy little place

but joe see: see this; seein so many peoplle: seein some fellas talkin to some fellsa over here: see a group of thrree: see a ol friiend of someone talkin to a new friend who is old: she old: and gettin long: see some ladies here togehtter (oodd names each): see some body loookin at a wal; see some girl name of RPeet who leaave her "needle woork" behin:

NOW SEE (you) VISUZULIZE THIS: JOE IS IN ROOM ALONE: but not: he surrouined by memembory's : and suorrouned by somemthing he dont oknnw: is ELSE: is

love and goo feeelings for GIRL> JOe lovin Girl she giving him gooooo feelings: but las night: an again NIGHT: JOe feelin it all round room:

Joe part of something new: a couuummunity! a revolutiion? IS love for Girl!
an Gla to be a part of!

awwwwww an feelin good

reall goood

now mus go kill a Rat for Jimmy! With pleasure, sur!

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