I'm Joe McPuppet! I used to have a life! I wrote plays for children and perfromed them at Sunday School for the Children! Then I nearly died and guess who didn't show up!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Jimm jus her

Joe scareD: Jimy tgive Joe that Gun he show JOe before:L
Joe say"Joe is Scared, jImmY"
Jimmy"You like music Joe? wEll okay there is the tuen for you it is describing you and ecapsualting your expericne at momenT"

Jimm is suggesting liseting to "Tall Cool ONE " by Jimmy Palant: by LEd Zepllen?
HERE IS WHERE JOE put a LINk if smar to song:but Joe not Savvy internet. So
So Joe take gun and be Jimmy siolder and "Tall dcool one"not heard.
Name is JOe, pleaws e still fuck up shit at palce.

Is my Blog HOT
or NOT?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Jimmy Calls: JoeHAS A NEW JOBB!@
WHat JOb? Ask Jimmy -porbably fuck some shit up!

So Whiel JOe gone:HER'es a Good IDea: Why dont ENEMYS JOE HAS cuOM on over and FUck utp JOe's shit!@

Joe can do nothing: Joe on assisnsgment for JimmY Cann his pal, do anyting for pal, so alllll vulvivnerable and shit: so; listne up EnEnY's OF JOE:

As know,m JOe live 1) in EGs Old PLace2)which is belooww a Satrbucks whwere Kids who work take Joe cAslls(Very fuew,e xept Jimmy My Pal and Govermnet who wahnt this storry told this story will be told and they the Gvermnet help me with $$$ wink!
and C) EG is greatest Man ever(cept Jimmmy__)and bust up JOe bit g time. He a PASTOR of one Time and then lost son who I think now same age JOe. SO THERE IS A CLUE!

4) Is clos to a church. JOe like to hate it: that Church.
SO COME ON OVER ALL EWNEMYS AND SAY HEAY! Fuck my shit up liike I will fuck up HEaven when ggivne chance and mabye mabye that were Jimmy Cann (Godfthart) is seending Joe?!

Destroy and sorry JOe miss yo. Milk in Fridge. Drink it go bad.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Joe keeps ccoming up with funky ass sshit like every sINgle DAy!

Check OUt JOe new invention: GO like this: If devil control RockandROll Mosuic (as told everySUNDQAY by liars and Theives = Pastor Dallas Et Al) Then: JO e star t ROck n' Roll band. FUck JEsus up Big time.

What think all yououo future Groupies?!

Monday, December 06, 2004

JOE BACK AT IT: which is fuckin SHit up!

Joe break a few thing to day 9not enough for JOe's happniess: but okay.

Now hard part: figure out what break next! Liek this: look in a box: is it a bad thing/good thign - save or destroy. Joe feel liieke God an he may gbet to destory Jenena Elfman Picuttres, pictures of Gary JBusys(who?) and oh oho oh maybe destroy BONo! That beeter en kill God self maybe!

Joe wet slef: sorry: morr later.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

WElCOme HOme Richaard J.

Is good to sse you old friend is good and yes. You are Chrisitan warroir still? I hopin.g. Joe hopes you fightt the good fight and keep Him (Sucker-Star_ _)in scope at all times. But keep listen up and listeen good, Richard HJ:

What is Joe is JOe's! Keep hand off JOe's Stuff: life STory: his own(JOe's) fight: and keep damn hands off JOe's woman this time!!
These not ideal threats Richard J. I know what you didd with JOEL and ZI know wher "he' is(body), get it?! So no touchey my stuff (sept you can Hate Jesus, more enuf to go around.

Welcome back (wth that one exeption about JNOe's Lifeand Girl)!

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